Tanzania travel

Tanzania travel- Flights, Buses, Taxis, Trains

Using public transport within Tanzania is not actually as tough as it may assume. It is wiser to plan and prepare for your voyage before time and have an idea of how you will travel, which means to use and the costs affiliated.

Flights and Buses to Tanzania

Today the easiest means of transport to use to arrive into the country is using air, although it is actually the most costly. Those on a fixed budget may not be able to afford flying from one region to another with Tanzania, but instead opt to use buses. Fortunately there are several bus operators in the country among which is Scandinavia which operates a broad network running several routes across East Africa. These coaches are very comfortable, safe and dependable. However you may also come across other cheaper types of buses which are unsafe and I would never recommend.

Train Transportation in Tanzania

Normally, trails are not used although the TAZARA-Rail-Link joining Dar Es Salaam to Kapiri Mposhi is a dependable voyage lasting approximately 48 hours. The journey is very spectacular going through the Selous Game reserve and other regions in the country where there is no road network. Booking on this train is normally done in advance and particularly during holiday season, to avoid any disappointments, I recommend you use your travel agents to book you on to the train in advance. Majority of the tourists travel in the first class section of the train. In addition to the breath taking scenery and the thrilling game viewing, this journey also provides an ideal opportunity to meet face to face with the Tanzania Locals.

Commuter Taxis and Mini-Buses

To travel within the various cities, taxis are commonly used and these are very affordable. However those that desire more adventure, you can always opt for the mini-buses which are commonly referred to as daladala, and in Arusha; the Kifordi. Despite the fact that they are very very cheap, unfortunately they are very crowded, insecure and a haven for pickpockets, so they should not be used.


Ferries to Zanzibar Island

However from Dar Es Salaam to the Zanzibar Island, ferries are commonly used and these are very fast, safe and dependable. However, I do not much recommend the ferries that operate on Lake Victoria as there have been several terrible accidents.