Zanzibar Island

Planning a holiday on an exotic island, the first place to think about is Zanzibar Island. This very old island was a long time ago governed by sultans plus slave traders, and was a springboard for missionaries as well as explorers into African.

Today this great jewel located in the Indian Ocean draws visitors planning to explore the white beautiful sandy beaches, vivid coral reefs as well as the tropical forests while residing at any of the luxurious Zanzibar resorts. So as you consider vacationing in Tanzania to visit places like Kilimanjaro, give thought to trying out Zanzibar Island too

Suitably referred to as the Spice Islands, Zanzibar Tanzania and the neighboring less-known Pemba as well as Mafia Islands are alienated from the attractive mainland by a thin strait. Stone Town found on Zanzibar is a network of meandering streets that are lined with beautiful houses that feature marvelously engraved brass studded doors.  The islands are legendary historic and you can feel the charm as you roam through the various markets plus bazaars as you marvel at the grand architecture. If you plan to visit Zanzibar blue, a tour to Stone Town is definitely mandatory and you can choose to stay in the luxurious Zanzibar Palace Hotel!

Where is Zanzibar Africa

According to the Zanzibar map, Zanzibar Africa is located within the massive Indian Ocean,  just 6 degrees south of the crossing-equator and a mere 6 kilometers from the mainland coast of Tanzanian, It stretches over a 108 km length and 32 km width with a total locale of 2,461  sq km (950 sq miles). Zanzibar is generally low lying; with its uppermost end is 120 meters. Zanzibar Island is comprised of gorgeous sandy beaches amid edging coral reefs, plus the mystical famous Stone Town – believed to be the sole operational very old town in the whole of East Africa. The beautiful coral reefs support a wealth of marine species which can all be best explored by residing at any of the luxurious Tanzania Hotels or Resorts that line the beaches..

Tanzania Zanzibar Hotels and Resorts

Safaris in Tanzania to Zanzibar Island  will unveil you to its exceptionalZanzibar-Hotels-Tanzania Zanzibar hotels, both on the beaches  and in the stunning Stone Town.  I normally recommend visitors to blend their short holiday by residing in Stone Town so as to discover the architecture as well as the history of the isles’ cultural center, with a stunning stay on any of the gorgeous beaches lining the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar Island’s eastern coast the Unguja comprises of numerous establishments along the stunning beach, varying from tiny and friendly properties to bigger resort.  Further on, you can find large lodges on Pemba Island and Mafia, as well as on the smaller islands like Mnemba Island and Chumbe Island where you can enjoy any of the Zanzibar Resorts as well.

Attractions on Tanzania Zanzibar Island

Even though the splendid Zanzibar blue of the sea neighboring  the Zanzibar islands will get you busy with water sports, dhow trips, water sports and diving, its land is as well exciting and much interesting. You can meander through the beautiful paved streets in the Stone Town, either by yourself or join in on a group walk. Discover the flavor plantations found in the verdant countryside alternatively sip a chilled cocktail in one of the beach shades as you watch the blue sea and later choose to slumber in any of the Zanzibar accommodation like The Zanzibari among others.

Northern Beaches

There are several crystal white beaches, attractive villages plus warm waters surrounding Zanzibar Africa mainly along-side the north eastern coast, which are ideal for persons interested in a life away from the various animal parks like Serengeti National Park, or those wanting to escape from the hectic town lifestyle.

Palace Museum

Unveiling the way of life of the ancient Sultan legacy of Zanzibar, the stunning Palace Museum originally referred to as the Sultan’s Palace, turned into the authorized home of the Al Busid dynasty back in 1911. The Palace just like the Ngorongoro Crater is among the most outstanding tourist sites

Anglican Cathedral and Slave Market

Stone Town’s massive Anglican Cathedral is located on the locale of the biggest slave market on island, which was bunged back in 1873.

Therefore if you are ready to lose yourself and enjoy the true African Luxury on any African Tanzania Safari, book your trip through any of the Tanzania tours agents/ tour operators and visit Zanzibar Africa.