Machame route

An Expert Guide up Machame Route | Mount Kilimanjaro

The Machame route also known as the “Whiskey route” on Mt Kilimanjaro is quickly catching up with Marangu in terms of its popularity with climbers among the Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania Safaris. This is the second most accessible route on the mountain today and has the reputation as one of the most beautiful.

With sweeping views across the African plains the route is highly praise by all who climb it. Mount Kilimanjaro has the Machame Route which is the fast reaching the Marunga Route as regards to its popularity among hikers. Today it is the second easily reached route on Mt Kilimanjaro and is renowned among many as the most spectacular of all. Taking a Tanzania Safari along this route will unveil to spectacular sights which are greatly praised by all those who have trekked it before.

How to ascend the Machame Route Kilimanjaro Safari

This is perhaps the most stunning route to summit Mt Kilimanjaro. You are availed with porters to carry your gears and any other belonging, and a cook to prepare your meals. Unlike the Maranga route that offers accommodation in Huts, the Machame offers Tents only. This makes the route more appropriate for the less adventurous hiker but nevertheless, offering breathtaking views many unseen along the Marangu route.

From the evening sunset at Shira to the foggy Kibo revelations at the magnificent Barranco wall, Machame route provides it’s trekkers a very splendid slide show of overwhelming panoramas through the 6 days. The Mt Kilimanjaro Machame route is often completes in at least six days. The advantage to this is that it allows time for proper mountain acclimatisation. The route will journey you to a Lave Tower at 4630 meters on Day 3 and then ascend to close to 700 meters for a night at Barranco camp which is at 3950 meters. This is the jewel to successful acclimatisation unlike the Maranga Route.

With the guidance of well competent and experienced guides you will slowly find your way up to  the Mt Kilimanjaro summit. The voyage is very rewarding! This is a splendid Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania Safari and is being offered by several tour operators across the country. So book yourself in today and start the adventure now!