Serengeti National Park

The annual Wildebeest Migration within the Masai Mara and Serengeti Game Reserves is easily the most spectacular Africa wildlife show on the planet. Each year, between August and November, a couple of million wildebeest and zebras move looking for Eco-friendly pasture and water as seasons change, and all this you can see with your own eyes by taking a Tanzania Safari today.

Even though migration timing varies, the optimum time to obtain a peek at the dramatic event is between June and August once the Serengeti-migration-Tanzaniawildebeest gather when preparing to mix the famous Grumeti River. Numerous potential predators for example lions, hyenas, cheetah, leopard and a number of carnivores could be spotted hanging round the area waiting for an opportunity to strike the weak prey.

The wildebeest arrive in  the Masai Mara between August and September, although sometimes they arrive as soon as The summer. The creatures remain around the block between October and November before progressively coming back to Serengeti National Park.  This usually happens between December and The month of January. So book into any of the Tanzania Hotels today to best enjoy this splendid part of the country.

The Masai Mara National Reserve, situated within the southwest Kenya about the border of Tanzania, is easily the most popular game park in Kenya. Even though it is comparatively more compact in dimensions in comparison with other Kenyan nature, Mara hosts an incredible power of Africa Wildlife. Therefore, it is probably the most popular Kenya safari locations.

The nation park edges the Serengeti flat-lands along its southern finish which is nourished through the Mara River. The river has lots of hippos and crocodiles which make the annual Wildebeest Migration a very harmful task. fortunately you can enjoy a night at Serengeti Sopa Lodge to have closer view of the African Animals.

Masai Mara National Reserve can be found 168 miles from Nairobi the capital city Kenya, and it is arrived at by road and air. The journey takes a minimum of 6 hrs with a 4WD vehicle because the streets are very rough and really should be prevented throughout the wet season (April-May) because the streets become impassable.

Due to unhealthy quality of streets, most vacationers prefer flying in to the Masai Mara National Reserve. Regrettably this will make their safari more costly plus they lose out on a few of the thrill of driving an African rose bush. You will find several air carriers offering daily scheduled plane tickets from Wilson Airport terminal in Nairobi towards the Mara a 45 minutes flight.

Serengeti National Park brings to your sight the various animal species that you will not find in the different Zoo or animal sanctuaries across the continent. Spend a comfortable night in Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge to enjoy the glamor and luxury of Serengeti, and it is neighboring Africa wildlife sanctuary – for that absolute happiness of their wildlife experience. It’s so spectacular it warrants additional time to understand more about and take in its entire beauty.

This is actually the kingdom of potential predator species, as the huge herds from the Migration thunder over the flat-lands in numerous amounts.

Not common in other tourist destinations like Lake Manyara, a distinctive method to begin to see the Serengeti National Park is as simple as heat balloon. Departing your lodge found in the heart of Serengeti at 5 am, you will drive through the Serengeti plain. On launching the heat balloon, the sun increases its speed and floating quietly in whichever direction the morning winds  take this device you will ascend occasionally flying at the height of the top of the trees, and at times lower, presenting a distinctive viewpoint and great photo taking possibilities of the African wildlife below. Sometimes, ascend to 1000 meters or even more to determine the enormity and wonderful panorama from the Serengeti. Every once in awhile the pilot must put more warmth in to the balloon using the effective whisper writers. Between these burns, there’s silence aside from natural sounds below.

Inquiries to consider when planning an African safari in Tanzania.

For many of us, the first consideration is cost be it for a Kilimanjaro Safari, Serengeti Safari or any other! The Serengeti isn’t cheap – with park costs alone doubling to US $60 per person daily from The month of January 2006. You will find some lodges that look after budget safaris and when additionally you travel in low season then pricing is reduced substantially.

How long should a Serengeti safari be

The Serengeti alone is really huge! Several weeks might be spent exploring with 5 days put in the central and southern Serengeti or even the central and northern Serengeti with respect to the season may be the minimum time for you to have any real feel or enjoyment for that area. Enjoy wonderful luxurious and well catered accommodation in the various lodge in the park like Mbalageti Serengeti Lodge.

What season is better:

The dry months are through summer to December with short rains in November. The lengthy rains come from March to mid June. However some years we have had more rain such that The month of January and Feb are entirely a wet season. It might be easier if the rains come from November to June having a drier period from December to mid March. Low months are both cheaper and also the park is tight on vacationers. This is dependent on what you would like and also necessitates you working carefully together with your travel company to get maximum help. I’d avoid the end of the summer towards the finish of September as it is too busy.

Getting to Serengeti National Park

Similar to vacationing in Ngorongoro crater, if you’re a seasonal traveler, it is recommended that you arrive here for your Tanzania Safari in Serengeti when it is well organized by a local tour operator. By doing this your itinerary might be more interesting and you’ll certainly cut costs. However should you choose this late summer to September you might be disappointed because the lodges at this time around are fully reserved (in some instances as much as twelve months ahead of time). The most secure choice is to book through Tanzania tours, an agent or a travel company.

To become listed on an organization or perhaps a private safari. Joining an organization is going to be cheaper this being the only real advantage if price is a problem. Always endeavor to possess a vehicle to yourself as it provides you with more privacy, it’s much more relaxing and you will see more versatility using the Serengeti Safari itinerary.

Things to take for a Serengeti Safari

Similar to all Safaris to any popular destinations like Zanzibar Island, it is important that you travel light or dress for lunch. This is dependent on your itinerary and what season you travel. Your travel company provides you with all of this information. The more questions you ask, the more effective will your safari will be. The standard of solutions you obtain from your questions will even indicate how interested your Tanzania tour operator is on the success of your safari verses simply gaining a profit.

One additional remark is to relax throughout your Tanzania safari in Serengeti – remove you watch because you simply won’t  need it. There’s different emergency in Africa – hakuna matata!

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