Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park is a conservation area of montane grassland on the Kitulo Plateau in the southern highlands of Tanzania. The park is at an elevation of 2,600 metres between the peaks of the Kipengere and Poroto mountains and covers an area of 412.9 square kilometres, lying in Mbeya and Njombe Regions. The park is administered by Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and is the first national park in tropical Africa to be established primarily to protect its flora.

The park has a few wildlife species, the mostly spotted ones are; mountain reedbuck and eland. Other world life species consist of butterflies, chameleons, lizards and frogs.  Bird life is also very widely watched by ornithologists and consists mainly of Denham’s bustard, endangered blue swallow, mountain marsh widow, Njombe cisticola and Kipengere seedeater.