Kilimanjaro National Park


The park is a home to Africa‚Äôs highest mountain, kilimanjaro. It stands at a height of 5,895 metres and is also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. It is found in The municipality of Moshi is near several of the park entrances and is 128 square kilometres east of the larger city of Arusha. The park provides a “climatic world tour, from the tropics to the Arctic”. Vegetation in the park includes thick Montane forests, mosses and lichen, and giant lobelias.

The park is a home to various wildlife species. Some of the resident animals in the park include; elephant, leopard, African buffalo, bushbuck, red duiker, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, bushbabies. There is hardly any game viewing in this park. However, it is popular for mountaineering expeditions to climb the volcanic cones of Kibo, which has several remnant glaciers, and Mawenzi and to witness the Afro-montane moorland habitat. It is one of the most visited parks in Tanzania.