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Zanzibar is an exceptional island just 24 miles from Tanzania’s coast. The island prides in miles and miles of white sand beaches that give it a large contrast from the rest of the African content. The white sandy beautiful beaches, interrupted with clear blue waters are dotted with several Zanzibar Hotels and Resorts that offer top-notch accommodation facilities to their guest while on a Tanzania Safari.

Zanzibar Hotels can be categorized into two; hotels in the legendary Stone Town as well as the well-liked beach hotels and resorts. A number of the resorts and hotels offer a country-feel, and are majorly built with local materials as well as thatched roofs.  In this category are generally the 2 star and 3 star hotels.

On the other hand, there are a number of modern and fashionable hotels and resorts generally the 4 and 5 star hotels. They are situated in gorgeous gardens right on the Zanzibar Island beaches and present a variety of activities that guests can enjoy during their stay.
Some of the finest activities you can enjoy include sun-bathing, unwinding, diving, swimming amid dolphins, snorkeling and deep sea-fishing in addition to various water activities. Don’t miss out on the Luxury lodges on this Spice Island too.
Below are some of the finest Zanzibar hotels you can reside in while on the Island.

La Gemma Dell Est Zanzibar

La Gemma Dell Est Zanzibar is located along the northwestern shores of the Zanzibar Island about an hour’s drive from the International Airport of Zanzibar driving through the country villages plus the attractive landscape.

The hotel specifically provides Five-star luxurious accommodation on the island and also offers  guests on holiday several activities and tours in and about Zanzibar. Many of the activities include diving, an outdoor gym, windsurfing, canoeing, swimming pool and a reading lounge.

The La Gemma Dell Est Zanzibar resort was fashioned with a blend of European plus Zanzibar style to provide the finest comfortable accommodation as other great 5 star hotels all over the world.

Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar

Dream of Zanzibar, is located on Zanzibar’s eastern coast. It is a very luxurious 5 star well catered resort placed in the heart of an striking colorful tropical garden on the beach-front at Pwani Machangani overlooking the spotless indigo waters of the vast Indian Ocean.

The accommodation offered at this resort is fashionably furnished; and is a perfect preference for any guests looking for a retreat that offers a especial touch considering the best of details offered. The architectural design of the various buildings in this Tanzania accommodation brings to mind the mesmerizing Africa-Arab Palaces, while the interiors merge the foreign designs whilst providing the utmost comfort modern lifestyle. The fittings as well as the furniture where made in teak wood and designed by Italian professionals.

Blue Bay Beach Resort Zanzibar

Blue Bay Beach Resort Zanzibar is located on Zanzibar’s northeastern coast adjacent to Kiwengwa village just an hour’s drive from the International Airport of Zanzibar as well as Stone Town.

The resort was built on 25 acres dotted with palm trees, by striking beaches and with landscape gardens. The Blue Bay Zanzibar was planned and built basing on environmental friendly principles, incorporating the finest of up to date technology in terms of resource utilization and for this it has attained government recognition. There is a waste water treatment plant that offers the gardens water and energy saving gadgets like solar panels which are positioned all through the resort.

Despite the Blue Bay Zanzibar being one of the biggest resorts on the whole of Zanzibar Island, you can never feel the crowds or other guests infringing on your space. It offers a quiet and peaceful ambiance in its various houses plus bungalows pitched in the twenty five acres of well maintained lawns, gorgeous palm trees as well as fine-looking stretch of white beach sand that characterize the Blue Bay Beach Resort and Spa. The resort offers a very tranquil feeling as its main purpose is to offer its guests comfort and relaxation while in this beautiful paradise.

So as you plan to enjoy your Tanzania Safari, holiday or honeymoon in the country, think of Zanzibar Island as one of the destinations in Africa that you will enjoy true luxury and tranquility among the Tanzania Hotels or Resorts.