Tanzania Hotels, Accommodation List and Lodges

Tanzania a mystical charming country has no shortage of hotels to accommodate all its travelers on a Tanzania Safari as they tour the beauty of this African country. So regardless of  you vacationing here or just here for a short trip, or you need a luxurious hotel or are much contented with cost-effective ones, the countless varieties of hotels will guarantee you a pleasurable and relaxed stay at very affordable charges.

After a day’s African Safari of adventure with Africa wildlife plus other Tanzanian tourist attractions; it is pretty natural that anyone gets tired from the trekking and the heat. So it is rather important that you get a very comfy hotel in Tanzania that is affordable and will offer you all the relaxation and quiet you desire.

Planning For Your Hotel in Tanzania

As you think of Tanzania Safari tours, it is always great that you have your accommodation planned out well for you before you arrive in the country. There are basically two ways you can get the best hotel deals in Tanzania.

Firstly, I recommend that you visit Tanzania anytime except from July to September. There are several Tanzania Hotels ranging from 5-star Hotels to budget-hotels. Most of the Tanzania budget-hotels are ordinary but extremely clean and enjoyable. During the low season from April to June if lucky you can negotiate the room prices for luxurious hotels and actually get a good one at discount.

Secondly I advise that you visit either online or physically the Tourist Information office situated on Boma Street. The office is not only very clean but also air-conditioned with very hospitable and competent staff who will gladly advise you on the various options. They have advise several Tanzania tour safari companies which you can also contact to help organize your Tanzania Safari to any  popular tourist destination such as Lake Manyara. Remember to always bargain to acquire discounts.

This alternative is the simplest and safest choices as the finest prices are got when you’re not rushed.  And as you depart an office claiming, “I will let you know of my decision tomorrow “; normally the price goes down as you walk out of the office.

Types of Hotels in Tanzania

Tanzania presents you with a variety of accommodation that includes Safari Lodges, camps and Hotels tailor to suit your personal needs and budget during your stay in Tanzania all with an aim of offering your comfort and relaxation. Below are the major classifications of hotels you can stay in while in Tanzania.

Tanzania Budget Hotels

Generally, they are for budget travelers heading to any of the tourist destinations like the Ngorongoro Crater, although you don’t have to share your room with a stranger. They are usually self-catering with very basic facilities that include a bed, a communal shower, toilet and not much more. They are clean and very simple yet a perfect place to finally slumber after a hard day’s activity.

Tanzania Beach Hotels and Resorts

What makes Tanzania different from its competitors is the gorgeous Zanzibar Island. The beaches with white sand plus the crystal clear waters make this amazing tropical paradise is a marvel to behold.

The severe contrast between the Tanzania mainland and the white beaches consequences into a very diverse fashion of Zanzibar hotels. Palm trees flourish as well as a Mediterranean feel immediately appears – these resorts offer very luxury swimming-pools, simplicity, Dhow furniture, luxury and above all living barefooted.

Business Hotels in Tanzania

Because of the booming economy that upholds one among the highest GDP growth rates in the world, As a result, Tanzania’s cities like Dar Es Salaam plus Arusha have turned into business mecca’s for different industries. This has resulted into a rise in the demand for hotels that specifically cater for the booming business market, tailored and run by persons who are much familiar with the expectations of people from the Western business. For instance, Dar Es Salaam Hotels offer room service, wi-fi internet, cable T.V plus consistent and professional service together with facilities like conference rooms.

Standard Tanzania Hotels

Just as they are called, there are basically standard hotels fit for an average traveler to any renowned tourist destination like Mount Kilimanjaro with the normal facilities one would expect. Although they at times lack imagination, at least tourists have an idea of what they will receive during their stay. Among the renowned international hotels in this country are Kempinski, Hilton and Sheraton so travelers should look forward to receive similar services as back at home from any the hotels in their country.

Therefore as you plan a Tanzania Safari, keep in mind the type of accommodation you desire to stay and through the various Tanzania tours or safari agents, book yourself into any of the various Tanzania Hotels for a comfortable and much relaxed stay in this African paradise -Tanzania!