Tanzania Visas and Permits

Tanzania Visas and Permits – How to Secure Tanzania Work Permit

Outsiders interested in entering Tanzania must have with them a valid passport which they present the Immigration Officer while at any of the country’s entry point, airport, harbor or as the border station. This passport should be forwarded together with a Visa, a Pass, Resident or Work Permit. The Pass is specifically for those going through the country to another destination elsewhere.

Types of Visas in Tanzania

Unique About Tanzania has five different Visas among which is the Ordinary Visa; which is issued while at Tanzania Mission abroad. But in case you reach any of the check-points without having a Visa, you can be availed on at a price of USD $ 50 at any of the points.

The CTA which is the “Business Visa” is issued out to only potential investors plus business men or women who are attempting to set up professional contacts within the country.  This Visa is valid for a period of two months and can be attained at a price of USD $100 extra to the entry Visa charge. In case the business-person decided to travel out of Tanzania, they have to attain another CTA Visa plus entry Visa while entering the country again.

Multiple Entry Visa; this is offered outsiders who because of their business commitments need to enter the country several times. The validity of this Visa ranges from one month to twelve months.

Referred Visa; this sis specially cleared by the Director of Immigration, alternatively in Zanzibar Island by the Principal Immigration officer. This is normally issued to people from Pakistan, Nigeria, stateless people Lebanon, Bangladesh, Somalia, refugees plus any other country as stated by the Tanzanian Authority. Applications for this Visa can be made to any of the Tanzania Missions found abroad and important to note is that this cannot be issued at any of the entry points of the country.

Transit Visa, this is issued to only those who are interested in crossing Tanzania and it is valid for a period of just two weeks. It is given to those who posses onward tickets.

Most of these Visas can be acquires at the various airports and if traveling by water or land, you can get them at the port entries. Despite the fact that the government no longer officially requests for yellow-fever-certificates, there are some items that are not allowed into the country and among these are weapons, fresh-food, cars that are over 10years and pornographic material.

Tanzania Work Permits; there are two main types issued

Tanzania issues out two different work permits and each of these requires distinct documents such as résumés, personal photographs, cover letters plus academic qualifications.  There is a very special Work Permit offered particularly to those that successfully apply and have exceptional skill or academic qualifications. Such a permit is normally issued to persons in very technical occupations which are not locally available in Tanzania’s local labor sector and these may include pilots, accountants, doctors or lawyers.

Resident Permit and its Affiliated Privileges

In possession of a resident permit, your spouse and dependents are allowed to stay with you in the country for as long as the owner is working in the country. The passport is the most important document used when verifying people’s identity while in Tanzania. While in Tanzania, there are no other major documentations required except for a driver’s license for those who intend to drive.

So always endeavor to acquire a Visa whether you are having a Tanzania Safari, or a business trip or a leisure visit to the country as it is a very important requirement asked for at any of Tanzania’s check-points.