Tanzania Nightlife

Tanzania Nightlife,  Bars, Restaurants, Clubs

Tanzania’s vibrant nightlife attracts several international tourists into the country. It offers foreign visitors or tourist more than enough opportunities to have fun and be well entertained in the various bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

This lively nightlife offers a wonderful platform for the people to push off their day long stress and hard work and engage in utmost fun, leisure and enjoyment. Nightclubs are a very important component to the nightlife of Tanzania with several of them located in the various parts of the country particularly in the large cities.

Night-clubs in Tanzania

On nightfall, many of the night-time happening places are flooded with night revelers and among the most prominent night-clubs in the country are: the Billiards, Garden Bistro, the Bilicanas, Bar-o-one, Q Bar and Club Maisha being among the most popular of all. Club Maishais located adjacent to another renowned night-club the Q bar. Maisha is an ideal where anyone can experience the true hyper-activities involve in the Tanzania nightlife. The club opens from Thursday up to Sunday blowing the night away with bongo and R&B music.

Another renowned nightclub that I wouldn’t want you to miss while on your Tanzania Safari is the Sweet n Easy which is found along Slipway. This funky nightclub is well furnished offering a perfect luxury of entertainment and meals. Very Friday, the place entertains its guests with live musical performances so any time you feel like grooving, visit the Sweet n Easy.

Dar Es Salaam Nightlife

Dar Es Salaam has quite a vibrant nightlife, however endeavor to always move out with at least one friend because walking about the city after midnight is not very safe. Nonetheless this calls for no worry as Dar Es Salaam is among the safest cities in East Africa.

Dar Es Salaam city offers excellent restaurant with spectacular scenery and diverse cuisines that include: Indian, Arabic and Zanzibari dishes to satisfy the big number of settlers that reside in the city. Among specialty dishes are: nyama choma plus mishkaki which are barbeque meat cuisines.