About Tanzania

About Tanzania – Tanzania Safari Info, Facts about Tanzania

In the whole world, Tanzania is among the very few countries blessed with a very large diversity of tourist attractions. The country prides in Forty Conservation Areas plus marine parks, Thirteen National Parks as well as Twenty Nine Game Reserves which are dispersed through the country. Special about Tanzania is that over 25% of its total land-mass is covered by national parks, conversational areas and game reserves.

Tanzanian not only boasts of its rich wildlife but also holds Africa’s tallest Mountain; Mount Kilimanjaro which offers magnificent views of the country’s terrain. It was on the slopes of this great mountain that the renowned author called Ernest Hemingway wrote the famous novel entitled ‘Snows of Mt Kilimanjaro’. The country also holds miles and miles of pristine white sand beaches on its Zanzibar Island where you can enjoy the true African luxury.